gas tube radiant heaters

Huge spaces

This heater is ideal for huge spaces. One gas tube radiant heater would be sufficient enough to heat 90 m² area; lessening your need to invest in more heaters.

natural gas resource

Running heaters for long periods is a concern. Especially because Australia has one of the most expensive utility cost. So, an alternative resource such as gas is preferred. This option reduces the consumption cost by nearly 50%. 

LOW INTensity

Gas tube heaters are known for steady uniform comfortable heating. Industries like greenhouses would uses it for the optimal growth of its plants. Aircraft hangars would also prefer to use this because of its heating reliability. 

HNW now offers 2-stage gas tube heaters for those preferring higher heat intensity. 

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CERAMIC radiant heaters

moderate space size

Ceramic radiant heaters are ideal for spaces like the showroom, restaurants or even farms.


This heater has a portable option. It is not restricted by a need of a ceiling. It is flexible enough to be placed in any corner of the room.

natural gas resource

Ceramic radiant heaters also consumes natural gas. Therefore, it also an ideal cost saving option. 

high INTensity

Ceramic heaters are known for its intense heating capabilities. It makes it an ideal heater for outdoor events, curing airplane paint and even keeping farms hygienically dry. 

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electric radiant heaters

no natural gas?

HNW has a range of energy efficient electric radiant heaters that have passed the stringent European Standard. It consumes the lowest amount of energy radiating optimal level of heat intensity.

outdoor HEating

This technology uses short wave infrared heating which means it emits high-frequency heat waves directly at the object penetrating through the air and wind without losing heat. It can warm the object up instantaneously. 


Made in UK, each electric radiant heater customization to the color and size you need for your space. 

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