Benefits of radiant heating

Radiant heating is the energy efficient way to heat large open indoor and outdoor areas such as factories, warehouses, aircraft hangers, school multi-purpose halls and other commercial and industrial buildings. In addition you can increase your outdoor season and enhance the design of your venue with infrared heaters with a choice of low-intensity infrared heaters, namely the USA/UKmanufactured radiant tube Blackheat, and high intensity ceramic infrared heaters by French manufacturer SBM.

We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor heating solutions, taking into account design of the venue, space available and heat required. Choose Blackheat if you need gentle heat over a wide area and especially if you have a drop down screens for really bad weather. Go for French heaters if you want something bright, as these ceramic luminous heaters were specially developed for terrace heating, combining design, comfort, and robustness. Both types of heaters save floor space with fixed installation, are environmentally friendly and have a fantastic lifetime of over 20 years.

Highly optimized heating and energy usage with radiant heating

Smart approach to outdoor heating

Comfortable heating by HNW portable radiant heaters

Heating an outdoor area, as with many other human activities, implies burning fossil fuel and producing carbon dioxide. Yet, we still can be smart about it and enjoy the outdoor comfort responsibly.

We choose more efficient cars to drive and occasionally ride a bike instead. To avoid energy losses while cooling and heating our houses, we choose to insulate them. We do not stop washing and cooking, but we look at the star ratings of electric appliances and choose the best technology available.

What can we do, apart from wearing a sweater, to feel good about being outdoors?

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