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Roberts Gordon has been and remains the industry leader in high-efficiency radiant heat solutions with the complete range of top quality gas radiant heater products available. They pioneered the first vacuum-assisted low intensity, natural gas-fired infrared heating system over forty years ago.

Roberts Gordon Blackheat low intensity unitary radiant tube heaters help provide comfort while facilitating reduced energy consumption. The sun does not heat the earth’s atmosphere directly; rather its radiant rays heat the earth, people, and objects. Roberts Gordon Blackheat radiant heaters work in a similar way to heat a building and its occupants. With RG Blackheat radiant heaters, floors and objects become massive secondary heat exchangers. These objects act as reservoirs, storing heat, then releasing it into space by re-radiation and convection to raise space temperature at occupant level.

Gas fired low-intensity radiant tube heaters produce infrared radiant heat from a large surface (tube) area, and are ideal for situations where there is ample wall or ceiling/roof space. The appliance range covers Straight [Linear] models, Double Linear models with a burner pack at each end and central fan, plus ‘U’ pattern [U Tube ] heaters. All models are available for operation on either Natural or LP gases and are Australian Gas Association Approved [6399 G]

Internal turbolators (swirlers) extract the maximum heat from the combustion process before the end of the tubing set. The possibilities of partial heating, selection of temperatures by area and programming of operating times enable optimum energy usage.

In addition to standard commercial and industrial indoor heating applications, the appliances may also be used for outdoor applications such as cafe and restaurant terraces and domestic outdoor patios provided the units are protected from rain and wind speed in excess of 15 kph.

Appliances feature heat treated aluminised steel tubing, stainless steel tube couplings and deeply profiled aluminium reflectors for the highest rate of infrared radiant emission on a standard heater.

Radiant Tube Heating for commercial warehouse

1. BLACKHEAT ® Double Linear Heater

BLACKHEAT ® Double Linear low intensity radiant heaters are designed for fuel efficiency, quick heat recovery, low heating and electricity costs, minimal dust movement, uniform zone controlled heating, flexibility of design, environment friendliness and reliability while maintaining aesthetic standards.


2. BLACKHEAT ® U-Tube and Linear Heater

BLACKHEAT ® U-Tube andLinear low intensity radiant heaters are designed to reduce building penetrations and installation cost as a result of multiple burners per pump.Longer life provided by durable components such as heat treated aluminised tube. Easy installation with quick fix coupling


3. BLACKHEAT ® 2-Stage Radiant Heater

BLACKHEAT ® 2-Stage Radiant Heaters are designed to reduce your energy cost by controlling the heat intensity to your need. This reduces the consumption of resources and saves costs. With Australia’s unpredictable weather, control over heat intensity is very useful.



You do not want to waste your hard-earned money using some inefficient heating at your facility. ROBERTS GORDON® nRG Controller is design specifically to save energy for Infrared and Warm Air Heating Equipment.

  • Maximised fuel savings through self-learning optimisation – the controller varies the heating start-up time to ensure that the building comes up to the required temperature precisely at the beginning of every programmed “on” period.
  • Secure – coded entry required to access programming features.
  • Design flexibility – capable of controlling the complete range of ROBERTS GORDON® warm air and unitary radiant heating products.
  • Easy to install – built in sensor means no extra wiring.
  • Installation flexibility – three remote sensor options available.


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