Improve PRODUCTIVITY of your business and reduce ENERGY COST with Blackheat 2-stage radiant gas tube heaters

We understand your concern about growing your business productivity with reduced energy consumption.

  • If you a café or restaurant owner, you would like to attract more customers with heating comfort at a different time of your business day but still keep the running cost low.
  • If you have a warehouse or large workshop, you would like to ensure customer and employee satisfaction and don’t want to drain your money by unwanted heating.
  • If you don’t have a heating system at your facility, you would like to assess the benefits of a heating system on a tight budget.

So, if your goal aligns any one of the above, we are here to help. Hurll Nu-Way is launching, Blackheat 2-stage low-intensity gas radiant tube heater. This product is approved by Australian Gas Association (AGA approval no 8534G) and comes with a range from 15 kW to 50 kW which would be suitable for wide range of heating applications.

So, why radiant gas heating?

Radiant heating is the energy efficient way to heat large open indoor and outdoor areas such as cafes, factories, warehouses, aircraft hangers, school multi-purpose halls and other commercial and industrial buildings.

And why 2-stage?

When you have only one setting on your heater, just on and off, in a small space you likely to overheat, and there is a need for lower the heat input so that you can keep it in a low setting.  It will give you the suitable comfort as per the requirement of the user and also let you save significant cost of running it.

Blackheat radiant gas tube heaters are designed for fuel efficiency, quick heat recovery, low heating and electricity costs, minimal dust movement, uniform zone controlled heating, the flexibility of design, environment friendliness and reliability while maintaining aesthetic standards. With Australia’s unpredictable weather, control over heat intensity is very useful.

  • On stage 1, heat intensity can be lowered by about 50% of standard rating to suit mid-season or autumn days that aren’t too cold (such as 19 degrees down to 14 degrees). This will significantly save cost.
  • On stage 2, heat intensity is increased eliminating the need for more heaters on very cold days (13 degrees and below).

The 2-stage low-intensity radiant tube heaters are efficient and reliable making them ideal for a range of applications such as restaurants and cafes, livestock farms, manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities, school halls, airports and fire stations.

View here for specifications and customisations.

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